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Saturday, December 24, 2011


"The children were nestled all snug in their his beds, while visions of sugarplums danced in their his heads."

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Craft #3: Christmas Scrapbook

For my third holiday craft I'm going to share with you an idea that I thought of last year but didn't get around to making until this year. Last year I focused on organizing our Christmas cards and made my Christmas Card Saver. This year, I made a simple scrapbook with one photo from each Christmas past. There are definitely holes in our childhood years since I have to rely on our parents for the photos, so I worked with what I have. Since each year is its own 8x8 page, it is easy to add and move the pages around.

I bought an 8x8 red scrapbook from Michael's on Black Friday and made a basic (I know its boring and needs to be jazzed up) "title."

I had stacks of Christmas paper from a few years back when I literally made Christmas cards. I also bought a few sheets of black number stickers at Michael's to make it look uniform. I printed the pictures at home and got started. I didn't do anything fancy with different scissors or embellishments, just kept it focused on the picture.

This is a great project that is fun to add to year after year.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Home Tour

Since Christmas is quickly approaching (at the end of this week!) I wanted to give you a tour of our home during this time of year. Every year I decorate differently and this year presented a new challenge by the name of William. From folding up the ends of my tablecloth to not pulling out the Spode or Christmas village at all ( :( ) I wanted to keep it as kid friendly and easy to assemble/disassemble as possible. Next year he will be more "into" the lights, etc so I'm sure we will have fun!

As usual, I didn't do much outdoors except hang my handmade wreath on the door. Once inside, our foyer really gets into the Christmas spirit.

William's handprint tree and our Christmas Traditions book - DIY post on Tuesday!

This lovely painting was made for me by a dear friend

In our living room we of course have our tree and also our stockings hung along the staircase with red ribbon since we do not have a mantle.

I kept things really simple this year and used a Christmas plaid tablecloth, the same runner I used in 2010 and put out different glass votives I have. I also added a gingerbread house that my friends and I made in the middle.

I really decorated a little at a time this year and like how everything looks, but wish everyone at our house wasn't sick so we could have more Christmas fun!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Craft #2: Shabby & Chic Wreath

I finally got around to making a wreath!! I had purchased a wire wreath form some time ago, but hadn't made it a priority to actually do something with it…until now! As if I don't have enough Christmas decorations, I decided to use scraps of Christmas fabric from last year and turn it into a festive wreath. Try this for a pretty simple Christmas DIY decoration.

The fabric I used was: solid dark green, a white backed full of holiday phrases, lime and red stripe (used the most), a green, white and red snowflake, and a red fabric with holiday candy all over it.

I cut strips of fabric out of all the scraps I had. The strips were about 1.5 inches by 7 inches. Then, I just folded each strip in half, looped it around the metal, pulled the double end through the loop and pulled it tight!

To be honest, I have no idea how much fabric I used, but I think it ended up being about 225 strips. Since I didn't know if I would have enough or not and I wanted a random look, I made sure to rotate the wreath form and placement of the fabric as I was making it.

This was a nice and clean project, all you have to do is cut fabric, and I even did it during playtime. I hope you find some time to make your own wreath!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Craft #1: Handprint Tree

I have decided to make December craft month at Enjoy Life & Love because I already have some cute and festive ideas up my sleeve. I will share at least one holiday craft project per week. There are two children's projects, a fabric-related home decor project and a paper craft. So please make sure to come back each week (I'm going to try and post on Tuesdays) and get some ideas, share your ideas, and let me know what you think!

This week's craft was made with my favorite sidekick: William. This is not the first or the last time his Momma will be dipping his hands in paint for the sake of craftiness, but soon he will not mind! I will admit that I found this idea on Pinterest, it is not an original idea of mine.

I purchased a 9x12 canvas at Michael's on Thanksgiving night when I decided I wasn't ready for bed and not in the mood to watch football. All stretched canvas was 50% off and then I had a 30% off total purchase coupon which made everything an even better deal. I also purchased dark green paint since I already had the other colors at home.

I buckled the little guy into his high chair,

painted his right hand with green paint and then did my best to get a fingers spread flat handprint

….six times!

I added details later -- the red edges, brown metallic tree trunk and gold star. I love it!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Eight Glorious Months

Earlier this week our boy turned eight months old.

Every month I keep thinking "where has the time gone?" and the echo of mother's everywhere is that I will feel this way his whole life. Yesterday he rode in the kid's car cart at Harris Teeter and just kept steering away. Yes, I nearly cried because I couldn't believe it. Oh and it will make grocery shopping easier for both of us ;).

William has decided to start the "real" crawl after army crawling for three months. The benefit to this is that I can hear his hands and knees hitting the floor so I have a better idea where he is if my back is turned, which it really can't be. Yesterday I was just mixing a bottle and he was behind me and next thing I know he has quietly crawled over to and climbed up three stairs (Daddy was spotting him in this photo don't worry). Talk about startling! He is just very curious, so we bought two of those Superyard gates off Craigslist because we literally cannot do anything in a different room or even the opposite end of a room without saying "no" and we don't want to do that all the time. Plus, not too sure how inticing the Christmas tree will be when we put it up this weekend. He is cruising along, taking steps here and there while holding on and really likes balancing and holding onto furniture with only one hand.

The little guy has two bottom teeth, no sign of more yet. This past weekend Daddy taught him how to roll his R's like he is speaking Spanish and he does it all the time and then laughs at himself. He is definitely a Momma's boy and gave my friend a run for her money when she watched him and he screamed for Mom for about 90 minutes until he finally fell asleep.

As I write this, he is playing with a new tower of DVDs, rolling it on the floor and flipping it over. He makes everything into a toy which is awesome, I hope that means his imagination will run wild as he grows.