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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Time Flies

Yes, I am still getting usd to the concept of updating my blog entries regularly. I feel like I need to backtrack (but I'll have to do that with photos later since I don't have access to them now).

Well, a formal offer was presented to me for a new job at a new company and I have officially accepted it! My last day at my current job will be July 8th and then I will spend some time at the beach and transition into my new position the following Monday.

I'm really lookign forward to additional job duties and more corporate out-of-the-office communcations as well as event planning in DC, NYC and even an event in Florida. The people I will be working with are quite "powerful" and I feel it will make me a more consciensous employee.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Metro Chronicles

Yesterday around 2:45 in the afternoon an orange line train derailed and the poor passengers were stuck in the tunnel (I'm assuming since it was at Courthouse) without AC or lights for more than 30 minutes. Did I mention it has been 96 here with a heat index of more than 105? Oh that's right, just a minor painful detail.

Well, when i found out about this "red flag" situation I immediately jumped on calling people I know and trying to figure out how to get home without taking Metro - or the orange line at least. My cousin was driving home to NY, a nother friend was still in school so I was thinking about going to pentagon City for a little while and have dinner until brad could pick me up once traffic died down some. What about the bus?? Well, the fact that I would have to take four buses made that option the last for me.

Wait a minute - someone at my company lives in Annandale, the town next to Falls Church!! He saved the day! Riding home with him was initially a last resort because I felt bad about him going out of his way, but he reassured me it was no problem. I am writing a thank you note and will probably buy like a $10 gas card just to say gracias.

The Metro problem was not cleared until 12:41am according to the fourteen Metro e-mail alerts I received since I left work at 4:30pm so I sure am glad I hitched a ride! Last Tuesday when we had the major thunderstorms and all the trees fell, power was out, etc it took me three hours to get home because one stoplight was out on the train track so everyone had to get off and then board a bus to get back on the metro after that one stop.

For the record - I am not confident about DC's emergency evacuation plan if it ever needed to be put into place - you might as well get to georgetown and swim across the river and hitch-hike with someone who is already on the Parkway......

Monday, June 2, 2008

Five months to go!!

Wow, June 2nd already, really? This past weekend our friends/floral designer from Philadelphia came down to scope out the church and reception sit efor our wedding. She designed a beatutiful arrangement that will be centerpieces on some of the tables - it is very unique and rustic and modern all at once. No, no one can see pictures except for my mom :). (MOB privileges). It felt great to have Erin here to do some wedding things with me and I also approved our invitation proof so that order will be placed this week too! Whew, there is alot going on! I never mentioned it, but I passed my boater's safety course over memorial Day weekend so I was able to ride the jetskis alone and had a great time doing it. I have pictures of Brad and his mom, but none of me, which is why I haven't posted any. At some point this summer I'll have him be the phtographer so I can see myself on the Magnum PI-like watercraft. Also, the Virginia Clemson Alumni Association has finally received enough applications for CU license plates! Once all 390 applications are submitted to the DMV and approved, I'll be getting a new VA plate with a pas on it!! I knew there was a reason we haven't moved out of Virginia yet. I enoucraged Brad to get a UMD version when we moved in last year, but he got a standard plate instead. Now he really should get one because I'll be supporting my school, so he should be supporting his. But then again, buying four season tickets for football supports UMD way more than a license plate.