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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thursday, December 13, 2012

20 Weeks -- Already?!

Well, I am halfway through my pregnancy with our second blessing of a child. Actually, as of today I am 21 weeks, but who's counting?! A few days ago all three of us went to a radiologist for the 20w ultrasound and I wanted to share a few of the images that were given to us. 

sweet little face

see here for my post with a similar picture of William at 20w

The technician spent an hour taking measurements and looking at all of the bones and organs she could see. We saw the stomach since the baby is already swallowing and the kidneys. I was happy she pointed out things like that to us.

William was well behaved, but it is different having a toddler in the room. He was however excited to see "his baby." I was tempted to find out the gender, but, no, we are not finding out the gender again :)

Hi Momma, Daddy and big brother!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Running through my mind….

1. Is my sweet boy feeling sick? He fell asleep on my shoulder during bedtime songs and hasn't done that in at least 6 months. I hope it is just a sleep hangover from a night at Nana's…

2. When do I need to think about transitioning him to a bed?

3. When will our house sell? It has been on the market about 50 days and while we have had some twice-lookers, no offers (yet) but I am praying. Don't want to move William into a bed before we are in the new house (ideally).

4. How did I manage to get 52 hours "alone" from Saturday-Wednesday? Sweet boy gets overnights with both sets of grandparents thanks to black tie events Momma & Daddy are attending and today is MDO. So, in order to feel like I'm not wasting my time, I am going through boxes in the basement. Pulling out all the maternity clothes, sorting his baby clothes in case we have another springtime boy and making sell, trash, keep piles.

5. I am lucky because one of my closets friends is having a baby…any day…we hope…

6. I am also VERY lucky to have two of my closest local friends pregnant "with me," both due in June! I am very excited for both of them and cried when they told me :)

7. Proud to have some Christmas gifts done, but haven't started on others...