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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stupid "contractors"

Last night Brad's cousin, a builder, walked through the B Street house as sort of a pre-inspection. I was supposed to meet them there at 6 via the MARC train, but didn't get into brunswick until 7:15 because the train was deleayed - for an hour and twenty minutes. We were not moving for fifty of those minutes. Yes I was angry and no I do not want to talk more about it. I could tell builder cousin didn't have good things to say because everyone looked very defeated when I arrived. I was very dissapointed when brad explained some of the problems to me, ie: no insulation in the roof, wires wrapped around plywood instead of through plywood, no sump pump to remove water in basement, missing railings, fuse box next to water mainline. I mean come on people! They evidently didn't read anything about building before renovating this home which sucks for them but is also sad for us. Today while I've been at work Brad spent six hours at the house with an inspectopr and our realtor who found the same things that were pointed out last night. Additionally, one of the seller's was on site and said he didn't know the inspection was today. Tough luck, it was and we have an e-mail trail that confirms the date and time. So unless they accept responsibility for ALL 28 (yes, twenty-eight) repairs, we are not going to buy the house.

Friday, April 25, 2008

All Scheduled Out

Well, every weekend in May, June and August now have activities planned. Thank goodness July is open for Ocean City! Then again, two of the August weekends are Enfield friends visiting us in Ocean City so I guess that only sort of counts. Between moving (yay!), visiting with my family, reunions, church festivals, and my bachelorette party the first weekend of August, seems like the summer might go pretty quickly...again. Last night Brad was in Philadelphia for a work seminar today so i took the opportunity to make scrumptious guacamole (he doesn't like it) and watch grey's Anatomy and pack four or five boxes of books. We're stacking all our labeled, numbered and color coded boxes in the living room which means we have to keep the blinds closed so epople don't see all our stuff "on display." I felt relieved to speak with the pastor about our wedding in more detail this morning so we have a few things arranged. Coming fast!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Offer went through!

Well, the offer we made on a house last week was finally signed by the sellers yesterday! This means that the house has to pass inspections and as long as everything is fixed up the way it needs to be, Brad and I will own our first home together May 14th!
You know what's frustrating though? Fishing trips to the middle of nowhere while you're trying to purchase property. One of the sellers was apparently "out of town fishing," apparently a common excuse for realtors, and had no access to a phone or fax machine which is why it took a week to sign all the paperwork.
keep your fingers crossed! Both hands, and your legs and toes and everything else for us...

Starting from scratch

This seemed like a good time in my life to create a blog. My fiance and I are in the process of purchasing our first home together and planning our November wedding. My onling "blogger" thoughts will help keep some family members updated about our progress and events happening in our lives - without going into much personal detail like a journal under lock and key ;). So here it goes........