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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Moving Out...again

Last weekend we moved all of our furniture (besides matress and dining table) out of our basement apartment. Since our lease ends on Sept. 1 (a Tuesday) we needed to do everything in advance. Since moving all the furniture to storage we have continued packing loose items and other things still in the apartment. We both have plans on Saturday, but we'll need to finish up so cleaning can be completed Sunday and hopefully we can be out of there. Where are we moving? Luckily, we have my in-laws since the house is still a few weeks from completion. We will be staying in brad's childhood room and living out of suitcases. Jake our cat has been up there for a week getting used to the change in scenery. We found out that he behaves much better when he is at their house...hopefully he'll be good at our new place too since he will have so much room to roam both inside and outside. How many times have you had to move? Don't count moving from apartment to apartment in college. How many states have you lived in?

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Well, I have a wedding in October and have been looking for a dress. Of course the fall dresses just started coming in, but I knew I wanted to find one sooner rather than later. Funny thing is - I found shoes about three weeks ago that I bought, planning on wearing them for the wedding without knowing what dress I would wear. Although I ordered another dress, once I saw this one and was able to weasle a discount at the store, I went ahead and bought it :). I love the texture of the "rosettes" around the neckline andstraps. Now I have to go back to The Limited and return the purple dress I bought, but I think this one is much better. I love when I find a great item and can get it for less than the price on the tag!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What a Beauty!

Above are some still shots from last week's "house razing." Now that our first new home is in place, I can't imagine it not being there! We have gotten some very kind compliments from oru neighbors about how wonderful the house looks, how happy they are that we are moving in, etc. It means alot because our community (consisting of about 15-20 homes) is very close knit with a variety of residents. Some folks lived on their land in trailers for many years, others just moved in, while some have been there for 50+ years. We have enjoyed getting to know them over the last year and can't wait to actually be their neighbors.

Friday, August 14, 2009

We have our house!

Yesterday the four sections of our house were delivered and setup on our foundation! This is a rough-cut I made of video I took throughout the day just to give you an idea of how it all played out. Pretty impressive and VERY exciting for my and my hubby :). I even got keys to the front door....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Almost here!

We received confirmation yesterday that our house will be "delivered" and set on our foundation on Thursday!! In less than 48 hours I will be sitting on a chair on our property watching them piece together our new home, lay carpet, finish hanging drywall, complete the basement floor, etc, etc. I can't wait! I am going to take videos while I'm out there and will upload them here or to my YouTube channel: soon after :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Let there be light"

We see a light at the end of our home-building tunnel! This weekend we stayed home from Ocean City because the Keystone plant amanger offered to meet us in Pennsylvania on Sunday morning to walk through the pieces of our house. Since the facility has operating hours of 7-4 Mon-Fri, we haven't been able to see anything thus far since we work full-time.
I was thrilled to see the progress, especially on the two lower level sections. All has been completed except for installing carpet (done in Poolesville when they deliver), appliances and cabinet doors. It was fun to see what steps have been completed and what is left to do.
Brad laughed after I calmed down a bit after seeing our kitchen. The kitchen is where the most pieces come together. We chose the floor, cabinets and I had the countertop special ordered since I didn't like any of their standard options. The fact that there is no seam in the counter and that we have spaces for our appliances (including microwave which we haven't had in a year) is quite a thrill.
I found out that Keystone has the capcity to build five homes (warehouse to the left) at one time, but since business has slowed down and the size of their staff has decreased with less business, they are only working on our home right now. Nice to know the best of the best are making my house perfect for Brad and I!