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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Big Boy Bed Update

William has now slept in his bed for five nights and three naps.

Naptime has been successful: two hour naps, not hard to fall asleep, etc. Well, yesterday he stayed in his room for 90 minutes reading and chatting. He wasn't upset until 90 minutes passed and was banging on the door. I went to try and relax him and when I opened the door he was lying on the floor with a blanket. I think if I let him go for a few minutes he would have fallen asleep. But we had an Open House so we had to leave home. I hope he remembers how tired he was yesterday without a nap!

Nighttime has been great. The first two nights were off and on but no screaming. The third night I patted his back when he woke up and then slept through until morning. The past two nights have been his normal sleep pattern although he is waking up about an hour earlier. I am okay with this.

I am grateful that he made a smooth transition which made it "easier" for mom and dad. Good timing for us and him. Success!