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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Canvas Prints

Ever since we moved into our house I have been looking for art to hang above our bed in the master bedroom. I had a framed quote above the bed, but we took it down when we realized we had a frame hanging in the room with the same quote: "Love forgives all things, endures all things...." A while back I was shopping for fabric for living room pillows and I absolutely fell in love with one print. It is white, black, gray, gold and purple. I wasn't sure about how my husband would react since we have sort of an agreement about floral things, but the boldness of this pattern means it doesn't scream female.

So, I went about making my own frames to stretch the fabric around and create canvas panels. The pictures are pretty self explanatory so I won't editorialize much.

wood (I used 3 pieces of 1x2x6 for two 19x19 frames)
wood screws
measuring tape
staple gun

Make sure all pieces are the same length or you won't have an even square

This is when I used a drill to make the holes for the wood screws

Cut enough fabric so it will wrap around the wood and can be stapled in the back

I wrapped the edges like a present so it looks clean

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Glass Fall Centerpiece

Last week the temperature in Maryland dropped which meant Fall really has arrived. So, while the baby was playing in the living room, I decided to switch up my table decor in the dining room (our main eating area). I went with something very simple, at least for the time being, because I already had all of the elements at home.

These five multi-level votives are meant for candles, but since we don't have many dinners by candlelight in our house, although I wouldn't mind if we did ;), I filled them with.... glass beads. I used these beads last year too, but in a different way.

I also chose to use the same placemats as last year, but bought plum colored napkins at World Market. 

Now once I get out to the farm this year, I'm sure some pumpkins will be added!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Time Out Tuesday

These were taken within five seconds of each other. The infamous lip!

Monday, September 12, 2011


You see, our little boy likes to read books, especially on the floor.
He really doesn't care where you read, as long as the book is not a bore.
This weekend at the church book sale, kids books were only a dime.
So I bought him $1.60 of books that he can call mine.
He sits on my lap and pulls books to read from the shelf.
Looks like we have ourselves a little reading elf!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Shower Curtain = New Mood

A few weeks ago, this pattern caught my eye at World Market. The blue and green paisley was serene:

I could just picture this in our guest bathroom, so of course I bought it to make it happen! When we moved into our home, I had a really hard time finding a shower curtain for that bathroom. Funny story: when registering for wedding gifts, I actually registered for the same shower curtain at two different stores without even realizing it for our master bathroom. I guess it was exactly what I wanted. Anyway, this is what the bathroom used to look like:

The color was semi-metallic and I liked the texture, but it was pretty boring. And now the the reveal:

I like our new one MUCH more and it plays off the beachy theme in there. I don't want to make it too much of a "kids" bathroom, at least not for a few years and the bright blues and greens are good for a little boy anyway. The new pattern goes with my accessories too.