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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stupid "contractors"

Last night Brad's cousin, a builder, walked through the B Street house as sort of a pre-inspection. I was supposed to meet them there at 6 via the MARC train, but didn't get into brunswick until 7:15 because the train was deleayed - for an hour and twenty minutes. We were not moving for fifty of those minutes. Yes I was angry and no I do not want to talk more about it. I could tell builder cousin didn't have good things to say because everyone looked very defeated when I arrived. I was very dissapointed when brad explained some of the problems to me, ie: no insulation in the roof, wires wrapped around plywood instead of through plywood, no sump pump to remove water in basement, missing railings, fuse box next to water mainline. I mean come on people! They evidently didn't read anything about building before renovating this home which sucks for them but is also sad for us. Today while I've been at work Brad spent six hours at the house with an inspectopr and our realtor who found the same things that were pointed out last night. Additionally, one of the seller's was on site and said he didn't know the inspection was today. Tough luck, it was and we have an e-mail trail that confirms the date and time. So unless they accept responsibility for ALL 28 (yes, twenty-eight) repairs, we are not going to buy the house.

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Inspired Vision said...

That really sucks. But on the bright side you at least found the issues before you closed!