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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What a month..

Well, life goes on and I have certainly moved on from my previous job. The experience was a good one and some of the people were nice to work with/work for, but the "cattiness" of a majority of the employees had gotten out of control - another good reason I got a new job!

This is my second week at the new job and I am working more hours but am more satisfied with my opportunities and co-workers. I am looking forward to speeding up the learning process so I can understand things better. I am involved in alot more corporate interaction now and there are many out-of-house names and associations to remember, but I'll get better with time!

Very fun news: Tampa in two weeks for my bachelorette party!! :)

1 comment:

StevieAlaine said...

Heck yeah bachelorette party!!!