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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Long Time No Type

I think I realized the blog thing doesn't really work for me like I hoped it would. Since my last post was uumm 10 months ago...about that...Sorry! I think part of my laziness comes from knowing that no one reads this anyways and since I have a journal and can post pictures on social networking sites, I am able to get out everything I need to in those outlets. I'm going to try again and if I fail a second time I'm giving up.
So we've been married for 7 months now (it was 3 months until the wedding at the time of my last post) and all is wonderful. Actually, today was Brad's last day at his job and he's starting a new one on Monday. I hope the wedding we're going to in Charlotte doesn't wear him out too much! Also different from my last post is that we bought 1.5 acres of land on 10-23-2008 and the house is currently in the final stages of demolition.
The first picture is the way the property looked a few weeks ago since we started mowing the lawn, installed the silt fence and everything starting happening after 6 months of fighting with the county over our permits. Below are a few pictures from the first two days of demolition this week - I can't believe the change!
By tomorrow the whole house is supposed to be completely gone. brad and I met up in Poolesville last night to visit the demo site for ourselves and it was a weird feeling...

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Inspired Vision said...

I think you guys need to keep the picture of you on the back-hoe. By the time you guys have kids it's going to be a classic. Congrats on finally getting the damn house down. I'm sure you're going to miss it! See you guys in a few weeks.