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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Still Waiting

I haven't been posting because this house process has still been draining me emotionally. We are still living with Brad's parents and waiting for the house to be done. Last Friday I was on-site for a plumbing/septic inspection when they realized one of our pipes was broken, meaning we failed our inspection of course. The pipe was fixed in no time, but another inspection couldn't be done until Monday, Nov. 2 - luckily we passed. Also on Friday the plumber told me our sewage grinder pump wasn't operating correctly. In an effort to prevent sewage from accumulating in our pipes, I called WSSC and within three hours a new pump was installed (much easier than I thought) at their expense. Now we learned that we need to wait 10 days from chlorinating our well to have the water sample test done which carries over to next Tuesday, Nov. 10th. We are going to the house daily and running water to speed up the dissolving process of the chlorine tablets because we are several weeks behind "schedule" and patience has run out. Sigh.........

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