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Friday, January 8, 2010


I just completed one week without any sweets including ice cream, cookies, chocolate and coke. Also, one week without caffeine (headache on day 1, none since). We are doing a 5 week detox to help us slim down and get ready for running additional races this year and get back on track to eating healthier meals. Other things we are without? Alcohol, creamy salad dressing, almost all processed foods and carbs and some red meat (more fish and chicken). The other night we each had a small portion of pasta to get some carbs and I felt awful all night through the next day. needless to say, the pasta has been put away! Of course, our scale broke and is stuck on 120 pounds so now that we want to weigh in weekly on the same scale, we need to buy a new one. Certainly just a small thing to deal with.

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