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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fashionable Burps

Baby spit-up can be gross. Baby spit-up can be messy. But who's to say that parents can't make it a little less distracting with an embellished burp cloth?

Although our baby isn't here yet, I am already a fan of the Gerber 6-ply cloth diapers as burp cloths. Readers of this blog also know I love to sew as one of my hobbies so I found some real cute unisex fabric and started my project.

For the burp cloths shown in this tutorial, I actually used outdoor fabric which has a great canvas-like texture, beautiful patterns, and wonderful colors. I also found it to be more obviously unisex since it isn't meant to be gender-specific like nursery and children's fabric. Jo-Ann's Fabrics had this fabric on sale 50% off so it was very reasonable and I only bought 1/4 yard of each (enough for two burp cloths or extra for another project).

Like all sewing projects, I pre-washed the burp cloths and fabric. When I was at Jo-Ann's, I made sure to buy fabric that could be machine washable and safe to iron so everything was ironed after it came out of the dryer.

I looked at a few different options and decided that I liked the way a piece of fabric 6.5 inch wide looked best. I cut all my fabric to a size of 7.5 x19 inches to allow for a 1/2" hem on all sides. I pinned a hem and pressed the fabric to make machine stitching easier.

Once pressed, I pinned the fabric to the burp cloth and used a zigzag stitch on all four sides.  I LOVE making these and wouldn't be surprised if my baby has a large stash of them. Also, don't be surprised if we are friends in real life and you get some as a gift for your new baby. I am looking into selling them at a few community events in my town. What do you think?


Amanda said...

Those are so cute!

Lauren @ YoungNester said...

I LOVE the patterns! I'll have to make some for my girlfriends who are expecting!

Paula said...

Very cute! I'm going to need a baby gift pretty soon and these would be the perfect thing to make. You make it look so easy.

Mike and Ally Simons said...

Hi Shannon! Visiting over from Making the World Cuter! I looove this idea- what an awesome baby shower gift these would be!

Ally @

Dear Abbi said...

Adorable! I just made a stack of cute burpies and blogged about them too!

Shannon said...

Thank you everyone for the sweet compliments! If you decide you want some as a gift or for yourself, send me a note and let me know...I'd be happy to help you out!

Kim44 said...

They are so cute. I want to add some fabric to kitchen towels to just add some color or change up during the different seasons. Congrats on your baby!

Alicia @ littlesprinklesoffun said...

I love to make these! These are very cute designs! Love them! :)

Kelly at Home said...

Oooh, how do I love damask? Especially in colors? Let me count the ways! Those burp clothes are fab, Shannon!

Congratulations on expecting your first child!!!!