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Monday, May 9, 2011

Instant Nursing Cover

Since baby W was born nearly six weeks ago, this is literally the first creative project I have done (except pose him for pictures). It isn't that I don't have any time, but when asked if I use his naptime as "mom time" or to sleep, my answer is the latter. Oh and I have been getting some housework done, hand-me-down clothes put away, etc.

We are starting to leave the house for longer periods of time and I am breastfeeding our little guy and supplementing with formula because he wasn't gaining weight as quickly as the doctor had hoped. So, I spent a quick 5 minutes LITERALLY and made something I had the supplies for, but never got around too -- a strap to make any blanket an instant nursing cover!

They sell nursing covers like these:
Photo from Growing Your Baby

for anywhere from $22.50 to more than $50! As someone who knows how to sew, this is ridiculous to me, so I was off to create my own!

Actually, all I wanted/needed was a strap to go around my neck. This way the strap can be attached to any blanket I have with me. I purchased two items: suspender clips and one yard of ribbon. I chose navy grosgrain because it is neutral and the grosgrain seems a little stronger than the silky ribbon.

All I did was insert the first end of ribbon through the loop on the suspender clip and folded it so it would stay.

 Once my hot glue gun was warmed up, I applied a line of glue close to the clip and then covered it with the ribbon. I did this three times so it would be glued on good. I folded the end of the ribbon under so it would look "pressed" and glued again.

I got a blanket from the nursery and attached the first end to approximate how long I wanted the neck strap to be. Once I measured, I did the same thing with the other end and wa-la -- DONE! When I used it for the first time yesterday, it was too long so I wasn't covered as much as I hoped (it was 22 inches) so then I trimmed it to 18 inches this morning and it works great.

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1 comment:

Stevie @ MooreBabies said...

Good job shay! I've seen those convert-blanket-to-nursing-cover-straps around and was SO going to give it a shot... but I already had a nursing cover from my pre-crafting days :)