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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saving $$$$ with

I am a sucker for good deals. When I get e-mails from my grocery store about the deals of the week or from clothing stores that I frequent, I always look and usually buy. Online, I tend to shop only with promo codes (you know, those codes that get you extra discounts at checkout) because of the money I save.

I have been playing around on a site called CouponChief which offers thousands of online promo codes! Woohoo, it's like a goldmine for folks who like to save money :). I was already captured on the homepage with a 15% off offer from The Container Store since we're working on improving the storage capacity of our office.

There is a great video tutorial on the site which breaks everything down real easily for users. Basically, before you purchase anything online you should visit CouponChief to see if there is an online coupon available for that vendor. If there is and your order fits the criteria, YOU save money. Can't argue with that, right?!

One feature that I signed up for is e-mail alerts for my favorite stores and categories. Now, the coupons will come to me before I even have to look for them.

Also, if you are feeling generous and want to share a coupon code with others, you can actually submit coupon codes which is like clipping coupons for others. All you do is enter the vendor web address, coupon code, offer details and expiration date. If you submit coupon codes you actually get money back when others use your submitted code. This is what they call Pay-2-Share. You get 2% commission (at a $25/month per store per month limit). Pay-2-Share is rather appealing to me, but I don't have experience with it yet to tell you if it works. So, if I would have signed up a few days ago, I could have seen the e-mail from Carter's in my inbox with the coupon code SAVEMORE. I could have gone to CouponChief and entered the code in my account and received credit if others used it. I know sharing is an extra step when everyone is short on time(believe me -- I know!!) but if you really do get money back, it is like saving money twice: by shopping and by sharing with others who shop.

So stop on by, create an account, play around and let me know what you think!

*I was asked by to write a paid review of the site. Although I am being compensated, the review and thoughts are my own based on my experience using the site.

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