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Monday, October 17, 2011

Hand-me-downs?? Hand them Over!

If you don't "like" or "agree" with hand-me-down children's clothing, you aren't going to like this post, so just stop reading. I do not have any issues with second-hand clothing for William. Why? Well, I inspect it before I buy it, wash it before he wears it and save a whole bunch of money in the process!

Take the past week for example. There were two large community yard sales in town. At one, I picked up four long-sleeved shirts from The Children's Place and a pair of linen pants (size 18M for the summer) all for $3. A nearby church had a sale and I picked up something like three sweaters, two pairs of pants from Gymboree, 5 long sleeve shirts (two from Janie and Jack), and a dozen books for $6. Yesterday I went to TotSwap, a consignment sale, and got him a great three-piece shirt-sweater-pants outfit for $2.50 and a LeapFrog musical drum for Christmas that was $5 since Sunday are 50% off days.

So, you are right, I don't know exactly which size he will be when, but really, I still think I am on the winning end of these deals.

1 comment:

Stevie @ MooreBabies said...

Heck yeah for consignment!!! I am also a fan of craigslist and freecycling for clothes. at least "play clothes". for playing in the back yard and getting dirty.