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Friday, August 10, 2012

Time Off and Time with my Family

Life moves fast. I started to feel like I was missing things: moments with my son, moments with my husband and moments alone(!). For that reason, I have taken a step back from blogging. It makes me a little sad because I have all these recipes saved with coordinating photos I took to share and I will, just not so frequently.

But, when my son sees the laptop and comes running over to my lap, I know HE is most important. I am using my "spare time" if you can even call it that, to grow my successful business and for that I am grateful. Grateful for my creativity and the support of family, friends and strangers who keep me busy ordering my products!

I'm trying to step back from Facebook too, reminding myself that if anything "important" happens in the lives of those I am close with, they will call or text or even e-mail me to keep me in the loop. So, there you have it folks…I am on a little family hiatus.

I do have a post coming up soon that will be of interest to college students and their parents!

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