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Monday, January 14, 2013

Create Space. Find Joy.

I'm not even sure how many of you still follow me here since I have long ago fallen off the "regular blogger" bandwagon and jumped on the mom of a toddler, 6 months pregnant, house on the market, feels like something is always happening wagon. While it seems crazy and it can be, I wouldn't change it. Not that I don't care to share with you, my readers, but because as my little boy starts talking more and more each day and my belly grows larger and larger, I am always reminded to spend as much time with him as I can. Much like Rachel at Finding Joy.

I came across Rachel's blog via one of her Dear Mom letters and was hooked. Even though I have one child and she has seven, her writing reminds me to step back and take it easy and many times I need someone more than my husband telling me so in order to do so. Why mention Rachel today? Well, our mornings were both filled with snuggles from our little boys this morning.

William slept until 8:20am yesterday, a Sunday!, which is unheard of. Today he was hollering for me at 6:30 which normally only means one thing: dirty diaper. So, after cleaning him up, I grabbed his blanket from the crib, sat in the chair with him, holding him like a baby, looking at his face. This position has once again become comfortable as my belly grows. I softly sang and rubbed his hair and tickled his face and back asleep he went…I soon followed.

After thirty minutes of chair sleeping, I put him in his crib and he slept until 8:10 a.m. I love holding him close and hope he lets me cuddle him for a long time to come. This morning even though I was awake and could have done other things, I wanted to snuggle William. Rachel's post reminds me to Create Space. Find Joy. I think I'm going to make a canvas of it and have it to look at all the time.

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Kathryn Ann said...

I still read your posts, Shannon! And what a wonderful post it was today. Very sweet story and picture! Can't wait to see you soon :-)