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Friday, June 25, 2010

Our New Toy

For more than a year now we have been research DSLR cameras. All the photos you have seen up until this point, and for those of us who have been friends for years, everything since 2005, has been taken with my Sony Cyber Shot.

This camera was top-of-the-line at the time when my mom purchased it as a birthday gift. It spent half of my college years with me and has captured many memories with college friends post-graduation. It took the first photos of Brad and I and documented all of our adventures to different states and countries including Germany, Malta, Belize and the Dominican Republic.

At the end of May during my trip to Rhode island I noticed a spot on the lens. Whenever photos had the sky in them, there was this dust spot, almost like an orb, that showed up in every single photo. I am able to edit it out, but it reminded me that we should get back onto the DSLR pre-purchasing wagon. So we did.

After comparing cameras in the store, testing out how hard/easy it was to hold them, cost of additional accessories such as lenses, flash, etc, and mainly the quality of the camera and photos it takes, I decided on the Nikon D3000.

I was summoned for jury duty last week so I purchased the camera at the end of the day since it was available at a store closer to our home. Well, after ten days, I am thrilled with our purchase! Of course the first night I started trying the different settings by taking photos of Jake, our little fur baby turned model. We will spend time learning our new camera and taking all sorts of shots, some of which I will share with you here. Happy snapping!!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! I have wanted one of these for a long time but planned to do a lot of research first since it's such a big purchase so perhaps your research will save me some time!