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Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday - Did You Buy Anything?

Hello World - today is Cyber Monday, as if you didn't already know! I went ahead and purchased our personalized stockings from Pottery Barn (be on the lookout for them in a future post) and the last of William's Christmas presents:
Baby Einstein OctoPlush


Band in a Box

Yesterday at Costco my husband found a toy William "had" to have so we bought that and it will be his big (cost and size) gift. I'm proud to say that I did stay under my $100 limit for him. I know that may still be alot for an 8 month old baby, but considering I have only purchased one real toy for him (his music table back in August), I don't feel bad. He might be getting bored with the same toys anyway, right? Haha, maybe not.

Just don't tell him what he will be opening Christmas morning!!

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