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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful for my little Turkey

I think it is obvious what, or rather whom, I am most thankful for this year:

Isn't his onesie precious??

I had to show off his latest feats..standing up everywhere, even without something to grab onto

Scooching fast enough that I can't stop him before he dumps out the cat's water to play in it

And silently climbing up on the dishwasher while I was out of the room for literally 2 minutes

Last Thanksgiving I talk about some other people I am thankful for. I think my gratitude for my husband has grown over the past year too because he works so tirelessly so I can be William's full-time caregiver. That is the best "gift" that he or anyone else could ever give me.

The role of my friends have also taken on a new meaning. I will admit, I have a handful of good friends and they are invaluable to me. You know, the kind that send you cards to cheer you up, say they are proud of the mother you have become, share mommy secrets, help take care of your baby and send you flowers for no reason (you know who you are!). 

I also have some "new" friends this year -- my mommy friends. Over the past few months they have become more than mom's of William's friends, I am proud to say they have become my friends too (regardless of the babies). We get together weekly to have adult time and lend out cribs for naps, toys, provide food, laughs and even share Sophie's!

The afternoon we went apple picking (or at least tried)

A few different things I am thankful for since I have become a new mom? Silence! Time to myself! Good food, especially when I can enjoy it slowly and don't have to shovel it in my mouth.

I hope you enjoy your day(s) with family…I know you all deserve it :)

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