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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Miss Me?

I decided after a full month away from writing my blog, but not reading my favorites, I'd come back (or try to). Alot has happened in the past month and alot is about to happen -- for that you'll just have to wait and see.

It is Autumn here and my pumpkin candle is glowing daily breathing the sweet scent I love into my home. To escape pre-Fall, we took a family vacation to Belize!

More on that later…if I achieve my goal of getting around to it.

Life is busy and I decided not to spend my evening blogging. There, that's the truth. Also, I think people see enough photos of my sweet William and our antics on Facebook so I don't need to post them here. After all, some of my most vigilant readers are family and close friends who know all too many details about what we are doing/have done that they really don't need my blog to tell them.

The craft bug hasn't bit me personally in a bit. I use my craft skills to make products for my Memorable Designs customers everyday and LOVE it, but as far as personal stuff…I'm hoping to get some Thanksgiving items and then Christmas things made (For me. For once.)

So I suppose this is a hello and a warning that I will probably only be back intermittently and I won't be taking pictures of recipes and all that so much because I am preoccupied with life and just trying to soak up every second.

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