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Saturday, November 13, 2010

What a Pretty Face

Last Tuesday we had our 20 week appointments. I had one in the morning and the power went out at the doctor's office which was interesting. Luckily the "heartbeat microphone" runs on a battery so I heard a heartbeat in the 150s and got my ultrasound referral. If I let them cancel the appointment like they wanted because of the power outage, I would have had to cancel the ultrasound appointment I preemptively made to fit our work schedules.

Later in the afternoon, we met at the radiologist and after impatiently waiting for 45 minutes in a room that I thought was hot and Brad thought was cold, the technician came in. She took measurements of all parts of the baby and looked at the organs, especially the brain, heart and kidneys. We could actually see the different chambers of the heart and blood pumping through - it was awesome. She surprised us and flipped into 3D mode while on baby's face so we got a different glimpse of our lil' Squirt with his/her hand up covering one eye.

20 weeks

How far along: 21 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: We don't need to discuss ;) I'm just glad it is staying in the center of my body since I continue to do some activities at the gym.
Maternity clothes: I can still get away with some non-maternity tops, but not pants.
Sleep: I sleep great thanks to my Snoogle.
Best moment this week: Seeing you for more than an hour at our ultrasound! 
Movement: You move alot in the morning and evening. This week your kicking actually woke me up twice before my alarm. You also move around when I talk to you.
Cravings: Still nothing 
Gender: Surprise :)
Labor Signs: No. 
Belly Button in our out? In, but starting to "even out" with my belly
What I miss: My fall clothes and high heels since my back starts to hurt after a few hours 
What am I looking forward to? Continuing to feel you moving around
Milestones: We saw your face in 3D on 11/9, my great-grandma Anna's birthday (11/9/1909). Thanks for telling me Grandma Joanie!

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