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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Moving Out...again

Last weekend we moved all of our furniture (besides matress and dining table) out of our basement apartment. Since our lease ends on Sept. 1 (a Tuesday) we needed to do everything in advance. Since moving all the furniture to storage we have continued packing loose items and other things still in the apartment. We both have plans on Saturday, but we'll need to finish up so cleaning can be completed Sunday and hopefully we can be out of there. Where are we moving? Luckily, we have my in-laws since the house is still a few weeks from completion. We will be staying in brad's childhood room and living out of suitcases. Jake our cat has been up there for a week getting used to the change in scenery. We found out that he behaves much better when he is at their house...hopefully he'll be good at our new place too since he will have so much room to roam both inside and outside. How many times have you had to move? Don't count moving from apartment to apartment in college. How many states have you lived in?

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