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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Let there be light"

We see a light at the end of our home-building tunnel! This weekend we stayed home from Ocean City because the Keystone plant amanger offered to meet us in Pennsylvania on Sunday morning to walk through the pieces of our house. Since the facility has operating hours of 7-4 Mon-Fri, we haven't been able to see anything thus far since we work full-time.
I was thrilled to see the progress, especially on the two lower level sections. All has been completed except for installing carpet (done in Poolesville when they deliver), appliances and cabinet doors. It was fun to see what steps have been completed and what is left to do.
Brad laughed after I calmed down a bit after seeing our kitchen. The kitchen is where the most pieces come together. We chose the floor, cabinets and I had the countertop special ordered since I didn't like any of their standard options. The fact that there is no seam in the counter and that we have spaces for our appliances (including microwave which we haven't had in a year) is quite a thrill.
I found out that Keystone has the capcity to build five homes (warehouse to the left) at one time, but since business has slowed down and the size of their staff has decreased with less business, they are only working on our home right now. Nice to know the best of the best are making my house perfect for Brad and I!

1 comment:

StevieAlaine said...

Shannon, that is awesome! I can't wait to see it (that is, whenever we make it up there :) ). Congrats on the progress.