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Monday, July 19, 2010

Bathroom Transformation Complete

I hate to admit it, but several weeks ago I painted our master bathroom. I am not ashamed to admit I painted the bathroom, I'm actually overjoyed that I did it, but the shame comes in the form of taking so long to put all the pieces back together. Of course the first part was selecting the color. Since the bathroom is connected to our bedroom, I opted for colors on the same paint card and went two and three shades darker. When you look at the samples below, I chose the darker color on the right.

I taped and painted everything between breakfast and dinner one Saturday in June. The problems started as I took off the painters tape. The paint on our ceilings and walls is flat builder's grade paint since we built a new home. Therefore, some of the ceiling paint came off with the tape which I did not expect. At this point I waited for my husband to come home and defended myself telling him that I did take the tape off in sections as soon as I finished taping.

The first thought was to paint the ceiling gray, but I like contrast too much so that wasn't an option after ten minutes. Then we started to prime the ceiling and repaint it which would also cover any "slips" of paint that got under the painter's tape onto the ceiling. This didn't help either. Finally, we applied painter's tape on the gray paint and the satin finish prevented any peeling. I touched up the edges along the ceiling and wa-la - problem solved! And then we went out of town several times and were still using the guest bathroom.

Well, this weekend I got out the white paint and touched up the baseboards and trim so all the lines are smooth and the bathroom now looks like an add for Behr paint (even though that isn't the brand I used). I am so relieved it is done and clean and everything is back where it should be!

I did intend to spruce up the basic mirrors, but since my plans for the mirrors will take a few days to shop for, create, dry and install, I opted to wait until the fall when we don't have as much landscaping work to do.

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