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Friday, July 9, 2010

Little Girls

Sugar and spice
and everything nice
that's what little girls are made of

There is one little girl in my life, thanks to one of my dearest friends, and her name is Charlotte.

She was born in February 2009 and I haven’t seen her since she was a newborn until this past weekend. We traveled to Georgia and stayed with Charlotte’s grandparents (and mom and uncles and aunts) for the long weekend. She sure has changed a lot!

I stalked her like the paparazzi and also tried to capture moments with her mom so they could send to da-da/husband in Kuwait where he is deployed. I even think I heard her say “tiger” a few times while we were reading about them (the animal, not the Clemson team). Here is a short video of her entertaining us at dinner and blowing kisses.

Her mom is pregnant with another little girl so Charlotte will be a big sister in September.

Doesn’t she have the biggest brown eyes?? She is mostly sugar with a hint of spice, or at least that was the case on Sunday evening ;).

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