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Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall is Here and So Are My Pumpkins

I know it is already mid-October but this post has been on the back burner until I finished sharing details of our Hawaii trip. When I typed the title above, I automatically thought how next fall we will have a little pumpkin at our house and how I hope he/she will fit into the cute Halloween sleeper I preemptively purchased at a consignment sale a few weeks ago :).

Back to my fall table...This past summer we had a collection of various height cracked glass candle holders as the centerpiece in our dining room. We eat all of our meals in the dining room or at the bar which is between the kitchen and dining room so it is not a "formal" eat-in area, we didn't want that. Well, one day I got home from work earlier than expected and headed up the road to Lewis Orchards for some inspiration. I felt guilty not buying pumpkins from Brad's cousins up at the Gaver Tree Farm, but I didn't have time to drive an hour that day and unfortunately still haven't.

At Lewis I found dozens of sizes and varieties of pumpkins, I was blown away. I kept saying "tabletop" over and over in my head so I didn't come home with some huge 25 pound pumpkin that I can't lift anyway. I started filling my cart with a selection of pumpkins, including a green one, and a few gords. I spent only $10. When I got home, I started placing everything.

I changed out the placemats to more of a fall color and then decided to fold some two-tone brown napkins to make a modified runner for all of the decor. But than I remembered I also had orange and clear glass beads/marbles from my Thanksgiving table last year. Once I added those in, it looked great!

After arranging and rearranging and adding in a wine chiller for height and a candle base for additional texture, I was happy with the way the pumpkins looked.


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