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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pregnancy Update

Yesterday marked 18 weeks that our little peanut has been growing and I'm happy to say that I have been sleeping more comfortably and even feeling better than I was several weeks ago. Although my midsection is (obviously) growing, I can still wear my pre-pregnancy clothes with some slight modifications (ie: long tank top underneath, BellaBand, etc). My motion sickness has vanished, at least temporarily so I am happy about being able to comfortably read on the train everyday again. I'm not as hungry as I was during my first trimester, but am sometimes concerned that I am eating enough.

This is me at 17 weeks:

This was the baby about two weeks ago saying hi!

This weekend we purchased the baby's crib! We originally thought we wanted a convertible crib to grow with him/her from crib to toddler bed and finally to full size bed, but did you know the conversion rails cost about $200? That is in addition to the higher price you are already paying for the convertible crib. In the end, with the crib we liked, it seemed a bit ridiculous. Plus, we might not use the crib as a bed for several years depending on how many children we have and when they are born.

We went with the Bonavita Hudson Classic Crib in white. We liked another Bonavita crib, the Peyton, but the rounded ends on the Hudson made the final decision easy. The nursery has some sharp lines because of the shape of the room and the way the ceiling is, so I think the crib will add a soft touch.

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Marjorie said...

Oh my gosh, Shannon! You look beautiful! Congratulations; you're going to be a great mom!!!! Sad I missed seeing you and Brad at the Clemson reunion, but best of luck with everything!