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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Triple the Fun (+1)

Last week while we were playing with our favorite triplets, I finally got some cute pictures of them all together! My friend Holly recently moved out of my town :( so we don't see them weekly as we used to. We made it up to their new place last week and had a fun afternoon on a beautiful day.

Not only did we get to see the big girls, but I also got lots of cuddle time with their new baby sister!

Of course I was sad to see them move, especially when her husband bakes a homemade cheesecake with oreo crust and I can't go over and share it with her after the babies go to bed, but I'm happy they have more space for their growing (and active) family.


Holly said...

Awwwww!!! Yay! I LOVE that pic of them all eating lunch! And I love when you guys come over, as I am always stuck in this house by myself!

Jelli said...

What cuties!