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Monday, June 18, 2012

Multi-Use Closet Makeover

My business has started to take off (woohoo! very blessed), which in turn means that I was making a larger mess in our home office...

See all of that wasted space?! Well, I decided it was time to do something about it. Brad installed the same white wire shelving that we removed from our laundry room when we renovated it and hung it in the office closet.

I "borrowed" a pants hanger from his side of the closet and put some of my ribbon on it so I could quickly see what I have in stock and not have to dig through a box.

Then I added some of my ready-to-order items: beach pails, different size plastic buckets, and water bottles. Many items are in the basement (ie: box of tumblers, more water bottles, floating frames), but this certainly is an improvement!

In case you are wondering, the photo boxes to the right don't hold photos, but greeting cards. One is cards to me, all from Brad, cards to me from others, William's birthday/baby shower/welcome to the world cards, and cards to Brad from me. Perfect way to organize it all!

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