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Sunday, June 3, 2012


I don't shop much anymore. For myself that is. I get a top here, pants there, which is fine and has suited my new stay-at-home-mom lifestyle. And as anyone who knows me will tell you, I have a closet full of clothes. Last summer I didn't wear most of my summer clothes because I was still carrying around pregnancy weight and I was nursing. So I went to Old Navy, got myself some jersey dresses and skirts and some nursing-appropriate tops and called it a day. Very helpful.

Well, this year, my size XS tanks were just too tight and too short and after wearing most of them for 3-5 years, it was time to retire them. My mom used to be a store manager at Gap so I have alot of great clothes from the store, but I looked at the tags of the items in my consign/donate pile and the majority said '06 and '07. No wonder I was sick of them.

So on Memorial Day I headed out to the Leesburg outlets with one goal in mind: Old Navy. I really like the casual clothes at Old Navy. They fit me well (except pants), like the fun colors and prints and they last for several seasons which is great considering the price. I was greeted by a large "All Items in store 40% off!" which was a great thing to see at 10am. I went through that store so fast you would've thought William was with me in the stroller (I was alone). Went into the fitting room, had a stack of clothes and I left with half. What surprised me was how many items I bought multiples of.

Black and khaki shorts

Shown multi-stripe and the purple stripe

Purple and turquoise

I also got another top or two including this pretty embroidered one:

Of course, not only did I get a new summer wardrobe so I won't be thinking much about clothes until fall (I think…), but I spent just over $100 thanks to the massive sale. Happy birthday to me!


Emily @ LaForce Be With You said...

Nice! I just got one of those embroidered tanks too. They had them as some deal of day for like $7 each. Very cute!

Shannon said...

If we lived closer we could be twinsies :) Let me guess, you got the orange w/ purple embroidery? ;)