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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Past

Not too much text in this post since it is Christmas and I have plenty of relaxing and celebrating to do (confession: I did not actually write this post on Christmas Day). Earlier this year I started an album of old Christmas photos of my husband and I. I am going to take it out every Christmas when we put up the tree and add photos every year. We are still gathering our childhood photos, but here are a few from then and a few from the more recent years - enjoy!!

my precious husband at 5 months old

2 years old

5 years old 
(Mom, if you still have that nightgown, it is probably worth some $$ now!)

8 years old
Yes, our pajamas coordinated, I know.

1st Christmas with my boyfriend >> husband

1st married Christmas 
(At my in-laws since we didn't have a tree in our apartment)

2009 family gathering

2010 Christmas card

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