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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Table

As I mentioned in my previous post, our dining room table was the first thing decorated in our home this year. We do not use this as a formal dining room, but a place to eat everyday because we have a pretty laid back style at home. I actually prefer an everyday dining room, otherwise, why spend all that money on furniture you rarely use?!

I purchased a new tablecloth and runner from Homegoods this year. My mom also sent another runner and the gold placemats you see below. We have an 8 foot old barn wood table so I have to buy large oblong tablecloths to cover the table. I started with the cream/gold tablecloth that I loved as soon as I saw it.

The scalloped red runner has holly cutouts all along it with gold thread, which compliments the gold tablecloth.

These glass candle holders were a gift from a relative last year at our Christmas open house. The silver candlesticks are from Pier 1. Surprisingly I did like the silver candlesticks with the gold tapestry, but it didn't seem to be "enough."

I transformed the candle holders with a bag of unopened cranberries from Thanksgiving! I split the cranberries between the two vases and the red immediately made it all come together.

This is what it looked like before the placemats from my mom.

Looks much better after, don't you think?!

And finally is the garland framing our double windows. most of the garland I found in stores was boring, too skinny and not what I was looking for. Well I feel like Black Friday at Michael's was my lucky day because that is when I bought two strands of this:

I suppose the garland can stay up for awhile since it is more "winter" than "Christmas", but we'll see. Sadly, everything else with a tree will be coming down in the next ten days (sigh). Time to go enjoy it while I can!


Emily @ LaForce Be With You said...

very pretty! I completely agree about the the dining room thing which is why we have our big nice table in the kitchen area so it gets lots of use! no point in a dining room with nice furniture that only gets used like twice a year. hope yall have a Merry Christmas!!

Laurie said...

oooh, very nice! I've seen dishes sort of like yours before. pretty.