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Friday, April 13, 2012

Bridal Shower Gifts with my Cameo!

To stay true to my word, I want to share all of the Cameo-created gifts I made for Blair's bridal shower. The first is for their kitchen and it is a split letter tile monogram with their names (obviously) and their wedding date. I chose the tile and the vinyl to coordinate with their kitchen, but also to compliment any future kitchens they will share together. Blair purchased a large frame stand for it and may even have it on display at her wedding…sweet!

The next item is for her ceremony. Blair's cousins children are in the wedding and the two young boys will be walking down the aisle together. While helping her brainstorm about what they could carry (pennant flags would be used as light sabers) she found a version of this idea and asked me to create it for her with her colors. During the processional, each boy will hold a ribbon so the guests see "Here comes the Bride." They will show the opposite "Just Married" side during the recessional and Blair and Joe could also take pictures with it.

The next gift didn't completely make it from BWI to ATL in one piece, but 75% of it did! I made a set of 4x4 tile coasters for Blair. They have black felt on the back to prevent scratching any furniture.

And finally, the most personal gift -- monogrammed stationery! I made a set of 20 or 25 monogrammed notecards for Blair (the A stands for Amanda, her "real" first name) in a few different colors. I did the majority in black to make it traditional, but spiced it up with some navy, purple and green. I stayed away from orange and pink although I was tempted. I decided against doing a couple's monogram for this gift because I wanted her to be able to send the notecards for non-wedding related things, and notes that were only from her.

So, what do you think??!!

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Holly said...

I think you are so talented! :) Great job!