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Monday, April 23, 2012

TotSwap Finds #2

If you didn't see my post about TotSwap Gaithersburg and my goodies I scored at that sale, check it out here.

The Frederick TotSwap sale is my favorite. I find better clothing, toys and accessories and I have alot more patience for the crowds at the Frederick Fairgrounds, which is probably because I am more familiar with the facility. This spring I signed up to be a consignor at the Frederick sale and sold $84 worth of items ($55 goes to me, $29 to them) which I am happy with. As a consignor I was allowed to shop on Thursday at 4pm as oppose to 6:30pm at the earliest. So I was third in line (my friend Holly was first) and we spent about two hours inside since she was shopping for multiples and there was so much to look through.

I spent $100 at this sale which I attribute to the $20 umbrella stroller I purchased and a $10 Fish outdoor rocker by Step2. Look at all the great clothes I found!!

The next two pictures shows the items up closer

These are three of my favorites: a red lined canvas Children's Place hooded jacket for $3, Gap gingham pants for $3 and a precious navy "seersucker" sailboat shortall and polo shirt for $5. What a preppy little boy William is!

I also got these items…the shoes were $3 and $2 and the books were $8 total. Woohoo!

Did I mention he had a birthday party two days later??

1 comment:

Holly said...

We did get some great finds! And dinner afterwards was great too! I love William's preppy little look! He's a sweetie and my girls tell me they love it too! Hehe!