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Monday, April 30, 2012

William's Birthday Party Crafts

Back to William's 1st birthday party!! I did a quick photo-filled post soon after his party, but I can't resist sharing more, including my DIY projects.

Since I went with the little red wagon theme (don't ask me why, but I decided on it probably ten months ago) I accented with light blue so it wasn't so picnic-like. For drinks, I borrowed aqua mason jars from my in-laws that were once used as centerpieces at my sister-in-laws wedding. I tied ribbon around the neck of each jar and also added red and white striped straws for the lemonade. 

Easy factor: 1  Time factor: 1

These super cute wagon cookies were practically the only thing we didn't cook or make ourselves. I contacted Brittanie at Snickety-Snacks because I had tasted her cake balls before and knew she made super sweet cookies. She even put each cookie in a bag for me and I created the scalloped edge bag tags. The cookies were favors for the parents kids and then the ones without names said "Happy Birthday William" and were for the rest of the guests. I actually didn't use my Cameo to cut these out because I wanted some help, so we used a scalloped hand punch that I also used for his cupcake toppers at last year's Baptism.

Had to make the scallop the right size and put each child's name inside before printing. Also punch hole in top for ribbon.
Easy factor: 2  Time factor: 2

I made a party-color-themed wreath using plastic tablecloths too! This was the most involved project because of the size of the wreath itself. I did the same thing as with my Christmas fabric wreath and even hung it in the same place in our dining room/kitchen since that's where most of the party action was happening. I am also guilty of it still hanging up!

Easy factor: 2  Time factor: 4

Since the "trend" nowadays is for kids to have their own smash cake or cupcake, I made a small cake for William using what else, Funfetti cake mix and cream cheese frosting. My friend had the small cake pan from her daughter's 1st birthday a week earlier and I made two layers since that was how much batter I had. I know it is a bit tall. I used red and blue sprinkles and put the little red wagon on top. Do you know how long it took me to find that wagon…?! 

But the real "craft" here is the plate. I bought a plain white plate and then cut the letters with my Cameo. Because of the curve of the edge, I placed each letter by hand which took a little longer than the standard method using transfer tape.

Easy factor: 2   Time factor: 3
(Factors based on having a Silhouette Cameo)

Since I already had this cute tin bucket from Kirkland's, I added William's monogram and it immediately looked customized for his birthday. I also did the water bottle labels. I designed them using Silhouette Studio and then sent it to my printer. To decide on the measurements I simply measured the original bottle label and matched it. The text said "William is One" then there was a wagon inside a blue oval and then "Happy Birthday!" I cut each strip of label out, covered it with packing tap and then adhered it to the bottle.

Easy factor: 2 Time factor: 3

I did two fabric projects for the party, a highchair banner (which fell while he was eating his cake) and pennants that hung in the dining room. I used coordinating but not matching red/white and blue/white polka dot fabrics. The pennants were each 9 feet long (the length of the store-made bias tape) and I cut the highchair one to be the right length for our particular chair. I didn't have any bias tape at this point so I used thick red/white ribbon I had on hand. I did an easy applique for the number one on the center pennant. I loved the whimsical nature of the pennants.

Easy factor: 3  Time factor: 4

(Post party pic to see the flags. You can also see his banner!)

And finally is my entry sign. I used my Cameo to cut the blue circle, the wagon and do the lettering with my sketch pens. The white backing is made of folded coffee filters (I might do a separate post on that). I wanted it the whole house to be connected with William's birthday theme :)


Holly said...

You're so talented! I love that you are my friend! :)

Stevie MooreBabies said...

I Love everything... especially the bunting :) so super cute, and the wreath! That would be a fun clemson wreath using orange and purple... hmmmm that is now added to my to-attempt list :)

Shannon said...

Stevie, I have the supplies to do a "house divided" one, half red (UMD) and half orange (Clemson). Holly, I love you too :)