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Monday, November 8, 2010

20 weeks

Well, we are halfway through this pregnancy which is crazy to me. We had a milestone yesterday at 19 weeks 6 days...Brad got to feel the baby kick! We were watching some television and I could have sworn I felt movement from the outside. He placed his hand on my belly and within a few minutes his son/daughter nudged daddy a few times. He may have been surprised at how subtle it was, but with the baby weighing only about 8oz (according to the books), it doesn't surprise me. Plus, we know that the kicks and jabs are only going to get more intense.

I have two doctor appointments tomorrow, an OB appointment to check everything out and then an ultrasound later in the day. Don't ask about the separate visits to different is all insurance related. We will be reminding all the doctors and nurses we come in contact with that we do not want to know the gender of the baby and would actually prefer it doesn't even get written down. That way, no one can slip in the next 20 weeks ;).

Here are my 18 week and 19 week photos. I feel like my shape changed significantly between the two photos because I think the bump "moved up." I will post the 20 week photo when I talk about tomorrow's appointment.

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