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Friday, February 11, 2011

Deal of the Day

If you are a mom or a mom-to-be and you haven't enrolled in Amazon Mom, shame on you! Amazon Mom offers discounts when you subscribe to receive items on a regular basis. The items that came most quickly to mind for me were diapers and baby wipes. As a subscriber you get free 2-day shipping and 30% off if you make the item part of your Subscribe & Save program.

Well, we have had two wonderful baby showers, plus a book shower and are very blessed to have one more at my office next week. But, two things I don't have are newborn diapers (okay, not completely true...I do have a few days worth from my diaper cake) and wipes. I went to Amazon this morning and selected the Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes which come in four boxes of 192 for a total of 768 wipes.

If you do one-time delivery, the item is $24.48, but with Subscribe & Save it goes down to $17.14, which is 30% off. I used a $10 off coupon from one of the free baby magazines I receive and then used a 10% off code. And remember, I got free shipping. So my total for the item was a mere $4.69!!!

This means I saved at least $19.79 because without Subscribe & Save I would have to pay for shipping too. My savings almost equal the original cost of the item -- I love when that happens :)

I will be buying diapers next (saving $11 with my selected brand using this program) but am hoping to find another $10 off coupon this weekend in my stack of magazines so I decided to split up the orders.

Did you know that diapers and wipes are pretty much priced the same across the board unless you use this program? That includes Costco and Sam's Club! yes, I did look it all up online last week comparing Wal-Mart, BabiesRUs, Costco, Sam's Club and Amazon Mom and the price difference was like a max of $4 for the same pack of diapers. I know it adds up, but for the value of my time, I'm not going to drive an extra 15-20 minutes to save $4. I know some stores like BRU offers a program where you buy XX number of boxes and get one free, but still, since our BRU isn't "right around the corner," I think the value for me is saving with Amazon!


Taylor Wise said...

Do you live near a Target? I used Pamper's Swaddlers for Parker when he was little but once he hit size 2, I switched to Target's brand. I SWEAR by them! They're way cheaper and super cute with polka dots! Tip from experience: don't stock up on diapers. You never know when they'll need to go up in size and then you have all these diapers you can't use. ALSO.... some diaper brands work better for kids with certain body types. Parker pees straight through Pamper's right now but does well with Huggies. Whereas, Brooklyn (a friend of Parker's) can't wear Huggies to save her life but Pamper's work great for her. You just never know what will work best for you until you try all (or a few) brands on your child. Good luck and way to save!

Shannon said...

Gret tips Taylor - thank you! I know I need more than 4-5 days worth of newborn diapers which is why I'm going to buy a box of them soon. Someone gave us a box of size 1 from BRU so if the newborn ones of the same brand don't work, I can exchange them. I'm anti-stocking up on diapers since as you said, i don't know how long the baby will be that size or how well the diaper will work.
And I do have a Target!

StevieAlaine @ MooreBabies said...

I too use the Target brand... well I usually go back and forth between that and Pampers for my 2 year old.

I think I may like the Huggies better for my 4 month old... but with her too I just switch it up.

Shay, I'm ashamed to say I'm not part of the Amazon Mom program... I take it I should join? :)