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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stylish Stationery

I must confess: I love stationery. I also love writing thank you notes, which you may think is weird. I feel that a good thank you note shouldn't be cumbersome to the writer since the recipient obviously did something helpful or nice for the writer. If you took the time to select a gift for my wedding or baby shower, I believe you deserve a heartfelt thank you note from me.

I am in the throes of writing thank-you notes with a baby on the way. I figured, why not be cute about it and a little creative?! Back in the fall I was walking around Georgetown and stopped in Paper Source. While I was swooning over their selection, I wasn't feeling the same way about the prices since I was planning to purchase about 50 cards and envelopes. I headed to the clearance section and after some pondering, I left with textured "frost" colored A2 cards and textured "glass" envelopes which were all in the section with the big red sign that seemed to point at me and say "I love sales!" I bought three packs of 20 cards for $3.50 each and six packs of 10 envelopes for $1.88 each. My grand total = $22.46!! I did buy two "baby" stamps to personalize the cards with one or the other and used a black stamp pad I already owned. So, I wound up with 60 personalized, hand-stamped, high quality paper thank you notes for less than $35.

Can you believe that I actually didn't have enough?? So, I went to a small Crane and Co. stationery store in the District and was frustrated that their 75% off clearance was all Christmas...except for these, which worked out for me!!

These Crane and Co. cards are usually $14/pack of 10, but they ended up being $3.50 each so it was less than $11 for 30 additional cards. I have a good printer at home so I am going to personalize these with photos of me and the recipient at the baby shower or with the gift at the shower or with another appropriate pregnancy photo.

It may seem like even more work for someone in the eighth month of pregnancy, but I truly am thankful for the time people have taken to call and check on me, attend showers, etc. that it doesn't even matter!

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