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Friday, February 25, 2011

My Dream App

Have you heard about the iPhone app that will tell you where public restrooms are based on your GPS location? Well, I think it is perfect for a few groups of people: those who are pregnant, those who are potty training, and those who are getting too old to control their bladder.

I would love if it had a cleanliness rating entered by those who have used the restroom so you could choose based on other criteria t proximity if you have that kind of time. That would be great for the general population don't you think?

If you have been pregnant, or are a parent or even spend a lot of time with pregnant people, you can imagine that as I gear up for week 36, this is becoming more of an issue. Taking two trains to work doesn't help either which is why I am going to start driving in with my husband to avoid some of the bumps and ups and downs.

Do I have the app? No I do not because my personal phone is a phone only (nope no data plan). Before you scoff at my traditional plain old phone, I will tell you that my Verizon bill is only $40 per month and it is great. My phone isn't eligible for an upgrade until June and Verizon tried selling me another basic phone for $200 before that time, which of course I refused to pay for. A girl can great a nice selection of summer shoes and dresses for that price! My work phone is a Blackberry (so I am connected) but the app isn't available for AppWorld, yet it is also a web-based application which now has a spot on my list fo favorites. If you know it is, please let me know!

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Unknown said...

Funny... but probably really helpful!