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Monday, January 23, 2012

Bit by the Bug

We have had a bug in our house since Thursday and it is finally going away. We originally thought the culprit was food poisoning since Brad, William and I all got sick within ten hours of eating at our favorite Mexican restaurant. The possibility of food poisoning made us sad because of course it would be awkward for us to eat there again. Well, 24 hours later my mother-in-law was sick (she was also at lunch with us) and then my father-in-law (who was not at lunch). Phew -- must not have been food poisoning!!

My mom unexpectedly flew down from Connecticut Thursday night after her car literally died on the highway. My dear husband went car shopping with her on Friday after spending all day Thursday researching options. happy to share that she got a new (to her) car. She loves it! Unfortunately, on Saturday night she got sick so we definitely have something contagious in our company.

Therefore, I am spending the next couple days sanitizing and cleaning because I don't want to deal with this again!

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