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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Time to Get My Craft On!

Well friends, this year I got a larger (in price) gift than usual because I really wanted it and my husband knew I'd love it and get lots of use out of it. Let me introduce you to ____(insert name that I'm thinking of)___, my Silhouette Cameo!

Okay, this isn't actually mine since it is a stock photo

How do I like it you ask?? I LOVE IT!! I started cutting on Christmas Day and then sadly had to be away for a week while I was in Connecticut (sad about being away from the machine) and I was back at it the next day making hats for our New Years party!

I have only been using cardstock so far even though I have vinyl. I guess since I am more comfortable with cardstock (and have alot of it) from all my years scrapbooking. I have some great vinyl ideas, just need to go buy some wood and frames as a base for my projects! I am finishing up a gift that I will share once the momma-to-be receives it and also a birthday banner for another friend.

I can't wait to share my projects and maybe even create something for YOU!!

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