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Thursday, January 12, 2012

NINE Months

I can't believe I just typed "NINE Months" when referring to my son. He actually turned nine months on New Years Eve so I am almost two weeks late with this post…please forgive me.

Stats: At his nine month appointment William weighed 20lbs 5oz and was 28.25in long. He has gained about a pound a month since 6 months and has grown 2 inches. He is still in the 40-45% for both, but he is healthy and bigger than alot of his friends so who designed this growth curve anyway?! He wears a size 3 diaper (size 4 overnight), 9m clothes and a size 3 shoe.

Eating: We finished breastfeeding on New Years Day since I had been weaning him since late-October. It just wasn't working for us the way it used to and I knew he could be healthy and thriving with formula. So I decided to cut myself some slack and start with the bottles realizing there are worse things I could do. He still eats baby food sometimes when he doesn't want to pick up table food. I noticed this alot when his teeth were coming in. But, most of the time he picks anything up and puts it in his mouth (even when it isn't food) so he eats whatever we give him!

Developments: He now has SIX teeth, although you can't easily see the top four yet, but they have come down from his gums. He was a trooper during teething because I thought he only had one and was shocked one morning to see four up top! William is a cruiser. He stands up and walks around everything. He is also getting awfully good at balancing and will stand on his own for what seems like a long time even though it is probably just about one minute. He climbs stairs (and fast!). He still says "Momma" and is getting more discriminate and only says it when he sees or wants me. He also has the "da-da" sound down and we are working on becoming more discriminate with that one. He likes to just play on his own, get the toy he wants out of his bin (or pot out of the cabinet) and play with it. That is awesome.

Fun things: He gives KISSES - open mouth, tongue out kisses that are awesome. But you better just give him your cheek or have your mouth closed. It is so sweet to get a kiss from him when you ask (most of the time). He is getting better at waving and doing "so big" when sitting in his high chair.

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Holly said...

Happy 9 Months William!