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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Consignment Delight {baby boy deals}

Just after Christmas I traveled to see my family in Connecticut. While there, mom and I went to Once Upon a Child where she has purchased great toys and clothes for William in the past. I went straight for the 12m clearance (50% off) section. William has plenty of 9m clothes and knew he needed some bottoms in the next size since some of his 9m stuff is getting tight.

I got a lot of great pieces. I'm so excited that I wanted to share because many people don't think about consignment for kids clothes. My question is always, "why not?"

First I went to the pants because I decided that if I found better jeans than the $5 ones I just gpt him at Kohls I would be happy. Well, I got a pair of jersey lines jeand from Childrens Place and a pair from Old Navy. Also found green maude pants with original Gymboree tags and gray cords from Old Navy.

You see those prices? Do you see the stars? I got them for 50% off listed price! Moving on….

All boys need cute overalls. Right now William has four pairs that fit, two of which are corduroy OshKosh and were $1 at a consignment sale in the spring of 2011 (go me!). Anyway, I picked up two pairs from Gap (khaki and striped on the left), a pair from OshKosh and black cprduroy ones from Gymboree. Same deal, 50% off list price. The polo shirts, both from Gap were a whopping $2.25 each! I also picked up a $5 bathing suit (only thing not on sale).

Getting killer deals on like-new baby boy clothes makes me feel good and gives me more money to spend on other things. Like new clothes for myself :)

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